5 mobile apps help you to go green?


Going green isn’t always the easiest thing to do –
especially for those of us living in huge, urban
cities. Luckily, eco-consciousness is intersecting
with technology in whole new ways to bring the
information and movement right to our

Take a look at these 5 apps that can help us all be
a little kinder to the planet:



Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a trend
anymore; sure, we may not all be able to afford
to buy organic- everything , but there are
definitely more ways than we may realize to help.
Each time you open the app, Go Green gives you a
new tip on how to be more environmental – and
the tips don’t all just state the obvious. We all
already know to throw our plastic bottles in the
recycling, but we may not realize something like:
washing clothes in cold water eliminates two
pounds of CO? per load. By putting some of their
facts into perspective like so, it becomes really
relatable and shareable among its users.
[ Android / iOS ]




iRecycle is designed to help you learn which
materials can be recycled, and how to go about
doing it. With more than 1,600,000 ways to
recycle over 350 materials, recycling has never
been so easy.
Even for the most eco-friendly of the bunch,
there will always be that one ambiguous-material
bottle that you’re unsure of (is it polystyrene?
Micro-fiber?). iRecycle is nicely color-coded so
that you simply select a material and then choose
which specific type it is you’re asking about.
According to your zip code, you’ll be directed
straight to a place that takes it!
Because we can’t know everything – but our
smartphones sure can.
[ Android / iOS ]




Ever find yourself shopping and wonder what the
hell you’re doing? If you just glance at certain
labels and see ORGANIC in big bold letters, you
think, well, this product must be great, right?
Wrong. A lot of fine print is written around
marketing bait like that. If you just slow down to
look, you’ll see that what it actually says is: We
are making it our goal to use mostly ORGANIC
products. And another one bites the dust.
Thankfully, GoodGuide has been designed to
rescue us during moments like these. With a huge
database of over 200,000 products, it is
incredibly easy to scan, search, and browse the
products that you care most about. You are able
to find a “rating” for each item according to a
number of different factors that will tell you how
healthy, green, and responsible each one is.
[ Android / iOS ]



arden Ideas

For the ambitious of the bunch, DIY Garden Ideas
is an Android app to give you innovative and
creative ways to create an organic garden for
yourself. Growing your own, non-GMO organic
fruits, vegetables, and herbs – if accessible – is
always preferable.
With extensive How-to steps, you can get dozens
and dozens of ideas on how to create your own
amazing garden that takes up little-to-no space.
Even if you’re not a DIY-kind of person, this app
makes it simple, straightforward, and easy to
create your own green escape!
[ Android]



If creating your own garden isn’t exactly for you,
Farmstand can let you know exactly where to go
to buy your fresh food products. By simply
plugging in your zip code, Farmstand will show you
the closest farmers markets to you, their hours,
and even give you easy directions there.
One of the highlights is the reviews and photos for
each of the hot spots and the ability to comment,
flag, or like any of them. Think of a cross between
Yelp and Facebook – but for fresh produce.
[ iOS ]
So, even if you aren’t able to turn full-on hippy,
grow out your armpit hair, and never use
electricity again, downloading a few of these apps
will surely help you save the planet – one tiny
step at a time. Because ultimately, we all just
want to stay groovy.



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