How to crash your friend’s Whatsapp?

Now You Can crash your friends whatsapp by
sending about 4,000 smileys to a target, the
WhatApp app Start’s to slow down and crashes
due to “buffer overflow”. This flaw targets both
the desktop and mobile apps.
How To crash whatsapp by sending smileys ?
In the WhatsApp Web app, you are allowed to
send a message with about 6,500-6,600
But, after typing about 4,000-4,200 smileys, the
browser/app starts to slow down. As you type
more and more smiley faces, WhatsApp crashes
when you type and send.”….so it crashes while
we type and send and in mobile too when it
receives it overflows the buffer and it crashes,
This WhatsApp smiley bug affects Firefox,
Opera,and Chrome PC browsers, along with
iPhone and Android OS .
Note: Indrajeet Bhuyan, an independent
researcher, has reported a new bug in WhatsApp
that could allow anyone to remotely crash most
popular messaging app just by sending nearly
4000 emojis to the target user, thereby affecting
up to 1 Billion users.
How to Protect Yourself?
Bhuyan told that he had reported the WhatsApp
crash bug to Facebook. However, before the
company patches the issue, there is a simple way
If you become a victim of such message on
WhatsApp, just open your messenger and delete
the whole conversation with the sender.
However, remember, if you have kept some
records of your chat with that particular friend,
you’ll end up losing them all .


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