How to update facebook status using twitter

If  you are using both twitter account and
Facebook account to manage your friends or
business & online connection. For saving time you
can use twitter to update  your Facebook status.


In this way you can communicate via both services
with only one post.
Its very easy to update Facebook status using
twitter. In order to update your Facebook status
you must already have both Facebook account and
twitter account. Now follow the given six simple
1. Login to your Facebook account .Go to the
twitters application page.Now click on the Go to
Application button


2. Now the application will ask you to confirm that
Twitter can access your Facebook information. Click
on the Allow button.


3. Next log into your Twitter account by entering
your Twitter username and password


4. After Enter into your twitter account the screen
will be look like this
If you want to update your Facebook status from
Twitter . Therefore, click on the Allow Twitter to
Update Your Facebook Status button in the upper-
right of the screen.
5. Next you get a confirmation page and click on
the Allow Status Update button


6. After you click this button, you will go to the
Twitter application. Don’t Twitter anything from
here. Instead, go to your Facebook Home page, by
clicking the Home link on the Facebook menu
That’s all there is to it. Now every time you
Twitter something, your Facebook status will be
automatically updated. Though if you are a power
twitter user, too many tweets might annoy your
Facebook friends. In this case I suggest you to use
Selective tweets Fb app which will give you the
control to show only selected tweets which will be
triggered using a hashtag #fb.


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