Ultimate hidden tricks for android

r android users we are here with [b] Ultimate
Hidden Tricks and Features Of Android. Today
your androids are really smart and can be used for
lots of purpose in this tech world. Till now we had
discussed so many cool tricks for android and we
are again here with a cool secret android features.
Using these hidden features you can easily
customize your experience with your android
device.So have a look on complete guide below. [/
[b]Hidden Tricks and Features Of
Android [/b]
Below we are going to discuss some cool things or
say secrets that you might never know about your
android. So have a look on these cool features
Cool Features Of Android Device:
These features are mainly dependent on developer
options which you can enable by heading
to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap
on build number 7-10 times and your developer
options will get activated).
#1 Create Desktop Backup Password.
You can create backup password for your android
device to recover it using your desktop. Just follow
the below steps to proceed.
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tap on Desktop backup password.
3. Fill in the current password, then type and retype
the new password for full backup.
#2 Reduce Battery Consumption By Altering
Animation Effects
You can minimize your battery power consumption
using the cool trick in developer mode explained in
steps below.
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Scroll down and there look for Window animation
scale , Transition animation scale, and Animator
duration scale .
3. Now adjust the scale and better is to select the
0.5x in all the above options.
#3 Display CPU Usage Overlay
In your android device you can enable the
complete CPU meter get displayed in your android
device by which you can easily judge which app is
putting much load on your android.
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tick on the Show CPU Usage option there.
3. Now you will see all your CPU usage at the right
of your android screen.
#4 Stop Android Activities Completely After
Closing It
Enabling this feature you each task will get
completely stops when you close it. This will reduce
battery consumption and even data usage too.
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tick on Don’t keep activities.
3. Now after this you can rollback settings by
unticking this.
#5 Fake The Current GPS Location
For this you can use the Mock the Location to
make your GPS tracker fool to track your exact
location which can be used by many apps to spy on
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tick on Allow Mock Location.
3. This will fake your GPS location tracker on your
#6 Enable USB Debugging Mode
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120, 160, 350, 510.
In many cool apps USB debugging is used for
perfect working of your android with your PC. And
this feature is only available in developer options
that you can implement from below.
1. First of all go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tick on USB Debugging checkbox there.
3. Select OK on the pop up appears saying “Allow
USB Debugging?”
#7 Enable Higher Graphic Render Option
MSAA For OpenGL Games can be enabled in your
android device to allow android games to run with
high graphics quality that can enabled as:-
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tap on Force 4x MSAA.
#8 Make Your Device Awake while Charging
You can make your android active while you
charging it and its the best indicator, so you can
enable this cool feature as:-
1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
2. Tap on Stay Awake to tick it.
So above are all Hidden Secrets Of Your Android
Device. You can give a try to all these cool
features in your android device and can have lots
of new experience in your android device. Hope
you like our wirk, do share it with others too.
Leave a comment below if you have any related
queries with this.


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