10 useful software for window pc

#1 Flux
The blue light coming out of your computer’s
monitor affect your sleep cycle. So flux
automatically adjust the brightness and color of
your screen based on the time of the day.

#2 PhotoRec
recover accidentally deleted files or even data from
corrupt hard drives. A Better alternative for
#3 Eraser
This small programs overwrites your data several
times so that no other data recovery software can
retrieve it.
#4 WizMouse
When working with multiple windows, like editing a
document and browsing the web.
You have to first click on the specific window and
only then you can scroll it.
But with WizMouse you can simply hover your
mouse and start scrolling without changing the
focus on your main document.
#5 ClipX
When we copy a new text, the previous one is
removed from the clipboard.
But with clipX all your copied items whether it’s
text, image or screenshot in the separate clipboard.
#6 Spotify
Free music streaming app and better alternative to
listening music on YouTube.
However, since it’s not available outside US and
UK, few people use it.
But you can easily get it, using a VPN.
#7 MyLockbox
a simple program to hide and password protect
your files in windows computer.
Better than using the attrib command or hide folder
options on windows.
Also take less no time in hiding or unhiding data as
it does not use encryption.
#8 Popcorn
Time Stream movies and tv shows directly from
torrents while it is being downloaded in the
Saves a lot of time, since you do not have to wait
for downloading to be over.
#9 Autohotkey
a powerful tool to automates keystrokes and mouse
Like if I type ’email’ it will automatically replace it
with my pre-specified email address.
Or launch your favorite folder or program with
keyboard shortcuts.
In short it can automate any repetitive task.
#10 ChromePass
a small utility from NirSoft to recover username
and password from the browser.
But you can also use it as password stealing app.
Simply put this program in USB, plug that into
victims computer and run the.exe file.
Withing seconds you will have all the passwords
that are stored in chrome browser.
Ignore the warning by antivirus, though.



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