How to make your computer shutdown at given time.

# Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given
Particular Time ##
1. Right Click on your Desktop
& create a new shortcut

2. After creating the new shortcut you will be
prompt with this console, type “shutdown -s -t
600” .
3. Hence 60sec=1 minute
& 10X60sec=600 seconds.
4. So Computer will shutdown after 10 minutes and
more importantly yo can only command it only in
seconds bot by minute or hours.
5. Like for example if you need for 1 hours then if
10 minutes is 600 sec
then 60 minutes is 3600 so for one hour is 3600
you have to place and if 5 hours
then 1 hour = 3600 multiplication with 5 comes
18000 seconds you have to place.


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