List of windows 10 shortcut.

Windows Key+K — Open the ‘Connect’ quick
Windows Key+I — Open the Settings.
Windows Key+E — Open the

File Explorer.
Windows Key+H — Open the Share charm.
Windows Key+T — Cycle through apps on the task
Ctrl+Shift+Esc — Open the Task Manager.
Virtual Desktops:
Windows Key+Ctrl+D — Adds a virtual desktop.
Windows Key+Ctrl+Right arrow — Switches
between virtual desktops you’ve created on the
Windows Key+Ctrl+Left arrow — Switches
between virtual desktops you’ve created on the
Windows Key+Ctrl+F4 — Closes the virtual
Windows Key+Tab — Open the ‘Task’ view.
Activity Center:
Windows Key+A — Open the Action center.
Windows Key+V — Cycle through the notifications.
Windows Key+Shift+V — Cycle through the
notifications in reverse order.
Windows Key+B — Set the focus in the notification
Game bar:
Windows Key+G — Opens the Game bar when a
game is open.
Windows Key+Alt+G — Record the last 30 seconds
of time.
Windows Key+Alt+R — Start and stop recording
(press once to begin and press it again to stop).
Windows Key+Alt+Print Screen — Take a
screenshot (games only).
Windows Key+Alt+T — Show recording timer (press
it again to hide).
Windows Key?+S — Open the search box.
Windows Key?+C — Open Cortana in the
‘listening’ mode.
Microsoft Edge
Ctrl+D– Add current site to favorites or reading
Ctrl+J — Open downloads pane.
Ctrl+I — Open favorites pane.
Ctrl+H — Open history pane.
Alt+C — Open Cortana voice assistant.
Ctrl+Shift+R — Enter the reading view.
F12 — Open F12 Developer Tools.
F7 — Turn caret browsing on for the current tab.
Ctrl+K — Create a Duplicate tab.
Ctrl+Shift+P — Open a new ‘InPrivate’ Browsing


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