How to enable 2step verification on Feb.

1. Go to Account settings after logging
into your account (click on the “Account”
link from right-hand-top corner of your
account page and then select “Account
settings” ).

2. Under the Settings tab, scroll down
to “Account security” and click on the
“Change” link.
3. Under the “Account security” option
enable the Login Approvals by selecting
the check box saying “Require me to
enter a security code sent to my
phone”. Note: You must have activated
mobile phone in your Facebook account
to get this option.
4. An overlay box appears and simply
click on the Next button.
5. The next step asks you to confirm the
access of your phone by sending a
verification code at your secondary
device or phone. Grab the verification
code and press the Next button after
entering the code. Though you can
request a new verification code if you
did not receive it in your device or
phone where you want to get it.
6. Once Facebook successfully recognize
the device, it will start to send the
authentication code whenever you
attempt to login to your Facebook
account. Now, you will have to enter
that code along with the username and
password for every Facebook login,
otherwise you won’t be able to login to
your account.


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