100+ cool Whatsapp status

1) Life sometimes seems to be the draw of
a madman.

2) You can go wherever you like, do what
you want, but you judge a place by the
people who are in.
3) Never let the fear of losing prevent you
from participating.
4) I will not be equal to any other; I have
myself tattooed a plane to fly high.
5) I smile while I hear that bullshit you
6) Insulting me will not make you better.
7) Whatever you do, better not say it at all.
8) A star is always alone because it thinks
only to shine.
9) And if it’s a dream, don’t wake me up,
10) Luck does not exist: there is a time
when talent meets opportunity.
11) No one will ever see more than this
photograph of myself.
12) Without risks, you will never do
anything great.
13) You need skills even roll the dice.
14) Will we ever have the courage to be
15) The important thing is never to remain
16) The dictionary is the only place where
“success” comes before “sweat”.
17) One of the great pleasures in life is
doing what people say you will not be able
to do.
18) The value of a man is measured by the
few things he creates, not from the many
goods that accumulate.
19) Ignorance is the weapon of the
powerful to control people; culture is the
key to change things.
20) I’ve always wanted to be the perfect
man:the one with the feet on the ground
and the head in the clouds.
21) Give your absence to those don’t value
your presence.
22) I find it easier to believe in the insults
than in the compliments.
23) Music saves me every day.
24) It hurts having to cry silently in fear
that someone may hear us.
25) Among all the things I love, you are
the one I hate the most.
26) Children know something that most
people have forgotten.
27) The wonderful thing about talking with
the eyes is that there are no grammatical
28) All have the WhatsApp status. I don’t.
I stand out from the crowd!
29) I’m sorry I ate my status.
30) If you have seen my WhatsApp status,
it means you like me.
31) I would give you many things, but the
first one is to give you fire.
32) My father always said: better to dying
than betraying.
33) Without money and respect are the
nothing mixed with anything.
34) I’m not afraid of the law. I’m the
35) Only beasts breed without being
36) Every dog in its home feels like a lion.
37) The dog always bites the poor.
38) A good answer to bad words is worth
much and costs nothing.
39) The street rules are not learned by
taking in a stray between the sheets.
40) Perhaps the life in memory it is more
41) The life and the bikes have the same
principle: you have to keep moving to stay
42) Everything I love to do is unethical or
43) A lie repeated for a century does not
become truth.
44) Sooner or later, the day when you the
mask drops and people judge always, it
45) Before you, it happened to other
billions of idiots and me.
46) They don’t know that the two of us can
talk without opening our mouth.
47) It’s easy to sing that time fixes the
things;it’s less easy convincing yourself
that it’s like this.
48) I saw that love changes the point of
49) You are entitled to a partner with
whom to share your life.
50) Now it’s late. Late to come back. Late
to talk no sense. Later for questions and
51) Some people only want to shift to
another regret.
52) I don’t want to say “too late”, or “too
bad.” I want every moment is always better
than the past.
53) The people like me wake up at 3 pm,
and they say that the days are getting
54) I don’t know if I’ll ever be up to your
55) The patience and I tore the photos in
which we were together.
56) Some people just think to say that
you’re out of time.
57) You are not good, you are just comfort
your conscience with the charity.
58) You don’t have blonde hair; you have a
blond mind.
59) Often a successful man is not a man
of value.
60) Nothing comes from diamonds. The
flowers come from manure.
61) Some people wait for the rain to not
crying alone.
62) Jesus of Nazareth. I think he was and
remains the greatest revolutionary of all
63) You’re not bad; you’re simply stupid.
64) Some people make love for boredom.
Some people make love for business. I
make love for passion.
65) At first sight, the love a wonderful
feeling.He told me that a fortune teller who
reads the credit cards.
66) You gave me the first kiss on the
mouth of the stomach.
67) In your life, you have tried more
clothes than feelings.
68) Tell me you love me. I might even
believe it.
69) My tattoos are not to their liking; I’m
dirty on the outside.But judging the
appearances is the typical attitude of the
ones who are dirty inside.
70) Sometimes it is God who mistakes your
order.Sometimes you close, a ravine opens.
71) Before you were a problem of the
heart, but now you are the heart of the
72) The opposites attract each other, but
they love their kind.
73) You arrive bringing thrills, and you go
away leaving bruises.
74) I became what you’ve always hated,
and I have become what I’ve always loved.
75) We have more question marks than
76) I gave you the best days of my worst
77) You are the most beautiful mistake in
my life.
78) There are times when I would like to
say so many things that perhaps the best
way to tell them is to shut up.
79) It is not the fine clothes that make the
man, but rather the clean ones.
80) Drinking is not the answer, but drinking
makes you forget the question.
81) The teetotaler is a weakling that falls
into the temptation to deny himself a
82) There are no ugly women. It just
dependson how many shots of vodka you
83) Life is made up of days that mean
nothing and moments that mean
84) Some lights cannot be turned off.
85) Forgetting is easy: just don’t
86) Leave the sky to the sparrows, keep
your feet on the ground.
87) After making safer love, remember that
sooner or later you must die.
88) Remember that the hardest thing is to
be normal, not to be a prodigy.
89) Only true friends will tell you when your
face is dirty.
90) Alcohol is bad, but even your selfies
are not joking.
91) If you think that the adventure is
dangerous, try the routine. It’s lethal.
92) If you send me 9.99$, I’ll tell you how
to avoid scams on the Internet.
93) I do not want to be a chapter; I want
to be your story.
94) It is not putting a bad light on the
other that makes you bright.
95) The Sixth Sense should be a sense of
humor for everyone.
96) Life always offers a second chance. It
is called, “tomorrow.”
97) Friendship is not a big thing; it’s a
million little things.
98) With the intelligence, you win the
battles; with the faith, you win the wars.
99) Smile today, tomorrow could be worse.
100) Most men don’t do the laundry
because the washing machines are
equipped with remote control.
101) Behind every successful man there is
a woman who doesn’t understand why.



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