3 tips to find hacking on your website.

1. Check your site for
suspicious URLs or
Keep an eye out for any
suspicious activity on your
site by performing a

“site:” search of your
site in Google, such as
[site:example.com]. Are
there any suspicious URLs
or directories that you do
not recognize?
You can also set up a
Google Alert for your
site. For example, if you
set a Google Alert for
payday loans)], you’ll
receive an email when
these keywords are
detected on your site.


2. Look for unnatural
queries on the Search
Queries page in
Webmaster Tools
The Search Queries page
shows Google Web Search
queries that have
returned URLs from your
site. Look for unexpected
queries as it can be an
indication of hacked
content on your site.
Don’t be quick to dismiss
queries in different
languages. This may be
the result of spammy
pages in other languages
placed on your website.


3. Enable email forwarding in
Webmaster Tools
Google will send you a
message if we detect that
your site may be
compromised. Messages
appear in Webmaster
Tools’ Message Center but
it’s a best practice to
also forward these
messages to your email .
Keep in mind that Google
won’t be able to detect
all kinds of hacked
content, but we hope our
notifications will help you
catch things you may have



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