Android N Upcoming features

What all Features will the Android N have?


Android and Chrome UX director Glen
Murphy confirmed that Google is working on
making Android a more work-friendly
They are making it easier for user to
Manufacturers like Samsung are
offering a better multi tasking features from
quite a long time. Now Android N could be
the first OS to offer this featureas standard .
Take a look at the list of Android N (7.0)
features which are making the news:
1.Multi-window and Split screen support
2.Messaging app similar to iMessage
3.Native Stylus support
4.Android Stylus support and Open sourced
for 3rdparty and app development
5.Google Now launcher API, even the 3rd
party launchers can put the Google Now on
the left most screen
6.Force touch support
7.Controls in the head notification, like a
textbox for replying to texts straight from the
8.Dark UI mode. It can be automatically
switched based in the time of day.
9.API for screen off gestures
10.More quick toggles options
11.Dynamic icon API
12.Icon badge support
13.Added many other CyanogenMod
1.Weather in Quick toggle Pulldown
2.Navbar arrow keys when typing
4.DPI switcher
14.Added support for native back up and
sync via Google drive.
To know more visit here


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