How to use Whatsapp on PC.

*.Latest Version of whatsapp installed in your Android.
*.Google Chrome Browser Installed on your PC.
*.Internet Connection in your Phone & PC.


Step 1:Click here Or copy paste this URL in the address bar of your Chrome browser and hit Enter.
Step 2:You will see QR Code which you will have to Scan from your Phone, So open Whatsapp on your Android, Go to Menu > Whatsapp Web and Scan that QR Code on your Computer Screen. If you don’t see Whatsapp Web option then you need to Update your Whatsapp.
Step 3:Thats it you just need to Scan that QR Code to pair Whatsapp on your Phone and Whatsapp Web Client. If everythinggoes Right, then now you will be able to see your Messages on your Web Client in Google Chrome. Remember to have Upto Date Version of Whatsapp on your Phoneand also Keep in mind that your phone needs to be connected to internetin order to send and receive messages in your Web Client.
Note:- If you have any problem ask in comment box


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