How to root android without computer.

At first why root:- As mobile without rooting it does not allow user to use some locked features. But after rooting it unlock your all lock features .

1. Rooting may cause bad performing of mobile.
2.provide better net connection while rooting.
3.It will take some time .so give it.
4.It some time destructive so do it on your own risk.
5. For any damage Author is not responsible.
How root ?……
Step 1:- Download kingo root apk from here.


Step 2:install and launch app .
Step 3:- follow instructions and click on lock type icon.(see in screen



Step4:- After that it start processing like here .and wait till it show 100 or fin



Step 5:- After taking time it will get finished and super user or king user automatically get in



Now you are super user of your mobile and you can do lot of work which were locked.
So keep believing in ideastore4u.                  :-(•_•) By 8| |4R7!.


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