ZOLANGO: Create private social networking sites.

ZOLANGO : Create private social networking sites.

We use Facebook to create Facebook Groups only for our family members. But, how about getting an entire social network only for your family? Zalongo is a secure and private social network only for your family. You can easily upload your photos and videos among your family members. If you frequently share things with your family, Zalongo could well be the social website you were looking for. You can share your stories, photos, images, etc., with your family members. You can also create wish lists for birthdays and festivals, and manage your family calendar.


Zalongo – Private Social Network
What kind of operations will you be able to perform on Zalongo? Once you have your family members inside your social network, all of you can easily message and comment using its the stream feature. You might find this similar to Facebook wall. The difference is that only your family members will be able to see and comment on your activities.
You will be able to check for the latest activities carried out by your family members. Just head towards your activity feed area. You will find a quick view link on your social network to discover what’s happening out there. Your site will automatically generate a discrete RSS feed to stay connected with all the family updates on your favorite RSS Reader application.
There is a feature you will find inside your Zalongo website called
Photo Sets which gives you an ability to upload and share your photo albums directly on your own profile. Your photos and videos will be stored and displayed as a thumbnail image on the main page of your website. As we mentioned earlier, you can also create your own wish lists and events to stay updated with some of the most precious moments of your family.
Create your own private social network on Zolango , take it for a spin and let us know your experience!


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