How to control tv using android phone??


Till now you use IR Remotes to command your Tv or other smart devices, but now technology is so developed that you can even use your smartphone as a Remote controller to control all your smart devices. So for this, we are here with our cool post How To Control Your TV Using Smartphone .

The method is very simple and depends on some app specially designed for the smart device to control this device. So just read out the below to proceed.
By these apps you can control your IR electronic devices Remotely by just configuring with them through your smartphone. So proceed with these apps below.
This method you can only control devices that have inbuilt wifi or Bluetooth feature in them which you ill use to pair with your smartphone to control them with below apps.


»»Some  apps for remote control :-

#Google tv remote

#Android tv remote

#Smart tv remote

# Universal tv remote

#smart IR remote

So , these are some app for ur use you can download it by clicking on it.


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