40 Best  comments for facebook images..

Best lines to comments on facebook picture….

  1. Ur pic make me think what to cmmt .. I think that much that I havn`t think at my board exam tooooo.
  2. Breathtaking beauty….
  3. Flawless beauty.

  1. I knew u where beautiful but when u smile my world stops.
  2. Your smile says so much. It is sweet and original.
  3. U don`t need makeup to luk beautiful,u just need to smile like that.
  4. “I wonder what makes you such a very gorgeous lady. 
  5. Inner beauty is the most important than they looks like, 
  6. Every body is beautiful in there own way, inside and out, meddie is very pretty i agree.. i guess you should try and make her your rolemodel.
  7. What a gorgeous creature!
  8. . You are beautiful.
  9. . You are one of a kind.
  10. You are so phenomenal.
  11.  I love the way you smile/pose at your photos
  12. You don’t have to cheer me up, because just looking at your picture brightens up my day..
  13. You are beautiful.
  14. You`re like an angel that falls down from the sky.
  15. Are you a witch? Because I was bewitched by your photo.
  16. You`re one of a kind.
  17. Why so beautiful? (a kind of a question to approuch her, if she replies start a conversation).
  18. Just looking up at your photos, cheers me up.
  19.  No wonder I feel so lucky today. I just saw your face that`s why.

    »For geek specially:-

    • Your pic make my heart vulnerable to get hacked 🙂 :-)..
    • Your selfie has hacked the security system of my heart..
    • Sometimes I wonder how your body structure have been programmed ….
    • Because of your pic my fb bot is not in my control.

    »comments here your own words also to get us more……


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