How to install Xposed framework on android

Framework can be better compare as a cydia for iOS with the help of which you can add lots of new features to your device. Xposed installer provides a platform to run lots of cool stuffs in your android device.
The method is very simple and the only thing you need is a rooted android that will allow you to install the apk of Xposed Framework with a super user grant. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

## Modules That Will Work After Installing Xposed Framework ##

  • Burnt Toast
  • CrappaLinks
  • Play Store Changelog
  • XXSID Indicator
  • Greenify
  • Amplify
  • YouTube adaway
  • Xposed GEL Settings (beta)
  • Cool tool
  • NotifyClean
  • Min min guard
  • BootManager
  • ReceiverStop
  • EnhancedToast
  • Force immersive mode
  • Swype Tweaks
  • Swipeback 2
  • Spotify skip
  • Lollistat
  • Flat Style Keyboard
  • Force Fast Scroll
  • Flat style colored bars
  • Materialised xposed (working for some)
  • App settings
  • Lockscreen music art remover
  • NetStrenght
  • LWInRecents
  • Screen Filter
  • BubbleUPNP’s Audio cast
  • Snapcolors 3.4.12
  • Partially working modules:
  • Gravity box (very limited)
  • XBridge
  • Boot manager (working for some)

## How To Install Xposed Framework On Android??

1. First of you need a rooted android and after that follow all steps carefully.

2. Now you need to check your CPU architecture to get the perfect Xposedframework for you and for this you will use app Hardware Info

3. Now you need to get the custom recovery in your android and for that you will search your device respective custom recover and can flash it using the app ROM Manager

4. Now you have to select the zip file of Xposed Framework

5. Now flash this zip file through your android recovery using the ROM manager app.

6. And when the zip is being flashed, then simply reboot your device.

7. Now you will have Xposed Installer installed on your device now you can try lots of cool stuffs in your android.


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